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Get a Massachusetts Hardship License

If your Massachusetts Driver's License is revoked or suspended, please fill out the contact form or call me at 508-656-0057. I will review your situation and explain how I may be able to get your license reinstated with a hardship license in MA, as I have done over the years for countless other qualified clients. 

Over the past several years, I have helped countless grateful clients obtain 12 hour hardship licenses or get full license reinstatements. I have represented a large number of clients at all levels of the appeal process at the Registry in Boston, at the Ignition Interlock Unit in Quincy, at the Division of Insurance Board of Appeal, and in Superior Courts throughout Massachusetts. Also, I was proud to have filed a brief which the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court adopted in reducing breath test refusals predicated on DUI cases which were continued without a finding (CWOF'ed).

If you are suffering with a driver's license suspension or revocation, please call me or complete the contact form on this site. I will review your situation and give you a detailed assessment regarding what I can do for you and exactly where you stand. Don't risk being arrested for operating after suspension when you may be able to drive legally!

Hardship License FAQs

What is a Hardship License?

A hardship license is a limited 12 hour license which allows someone whose license has been suspended or revoked by the Mass. RMV to legally operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts. The issuance of a hardship license is completely discretionary, which means that there is no right to a hardship license and whether you get one is up to the Registry Hearings Officer who hears your case or the Board of Appeal.

What is a Cinderella License?

The term Cinderella License is just another name for a hardship license, which is a license that allows someone who has lost his or her right to drive in Massachusetts to legally operate a vehicle for a 12 hour period.

How do you get a Hardship License?

How you get a hardship license depends on why the Registry suspended or revoked your license, your driving record, your criminal record, and how much suspension time you have served. Each hardship license appeal is different and you will be required to produce different types of documentation based on your individual case and suspension reason. In Massachusetts, hardship licenses are granted directly by MassDOT or pursuant to an order issued by the Board of Appeal, depending on the case. In order to get a hardship license, you must personally appear at a hearing and you are entitled to be represented by a lawyer.  

How long does it take to get a Hardship License?

Sometimes the Registry issues hardship licenses immediately after your RMV hearing. In other cases, it can take months. It depends on the type of case and nature of the suspension. In most cases, you must serve a minimum amount of time prior to being considered for a hardship license. Fill out the contact form on this site or call for more information.

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