defaultHardship License Lawyer - 4th Offense DUI

4th Offense DUI

As a result of a 4th DUI conviction in Massachusetts, your license will automatically be revoked for 10 years and you can be considered for a hardship license after serving 5 years of the 10 year revocation. Of course, 5 years without a license is a long time to wait before being considered for a hardship license. However, Massachusetts is more lenient that some states.

In Florida, for example, after four operating under the influence (OUI) convictions, the DMV will permanently revoke your license and there is no ability to be considered for a work license. In Massachusetts, a lifetime revocation with no ability for hardship relief is not triggered until the 5th operating under the influence conviction.
Getting a hardship license on a 4th offense DUI is very difficult. The Registry of Motor Vehicles will almost certainly deny you and require you to appeal the denial to the Division of Insurance Board of Appeal. To get a hardship license from the Board, you must present substantial evidence to demonstrate that your alcoholism is under control and that putting you back on the road, with 4 DUI convictions, will not endanger public safety.

To get a hardship license, 4th offenders must have a very compelling need to drive. Inconveniences and minor hardships will not qualify. If you have a 10 year DUI revocation, you must present substantial evidence at your hardship license hearing. Hiring a lawyer is strongly recommended, as these hardship appeals are almost always uphill battles and they require a considerable about of planning and preparation. 

To determine whether you are a 4th offender, the Registry can review and consider your Massachusetts driving record as well as your records in other states and your court records. Any drunk driving conviciton which occurred anywhere at any time can be counted.