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Vermont DUI Suspensions

Unfortunately, the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles does not issue hardship, restricted, occupational, or Cinderella Licenses.

The Vermont DMV requires completion of the Project CRASH, which is their equivalent of the Massachusetts 24D Alcohol Education Program prior to any license reinstatement from a drunk driving suspension. This program can be completed on a weekend residential basis or during four 2.5 hour sessions during the week. Perfect attendance is mandatory. Project CRASH is administer by the Department of Public Health and not the Vermont DMV.

Like New Hampshire and numerous other states, and unlike Massachusetts, Vermont requires proof of “financial responsibility,” (SR-22) as a condition of reinstatement.

Finally, under Vermont law, deferred adjudications, CWOFs (continuance without a finding), and reductions of criminal DUI charges to civil offenses are generally not available. However, you should consult with a DUI lawyer and do not rely on this as legal advice.

Unlike Massachusetts, which has a lifetime look back period, Vermont has a 15 year look-back period when counting prior DUI convictions.