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Appeal Your Suspension

MassDOT is required to notify you by mail any time that your Massachusetts license right to operate a motor vehicle is revoked. Therefore, you must be sure that the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has your correct mailing address. The suspension notice will contain the offense date, offense location, conviction date, court, and description of the offenses which resulted in the suspension or revocation of your license or right to operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts. The letter will also inform you of any other suspensions or revocations which may also be in effect on your Massachusetts Driver’s License or right to drive in Massachusetts.

If your Massachusetts Driver’s License and/or right to operate in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is suspended or revoked by MassDOT, you cannot legally drive or operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts, even if you have an active and valid driver’s license issued by another state. The Massachusetts suspension or revocation will supersede any driving privileges conferred by the out of state license and you may be arrested for operating after suspension in Massachusetts. This rule applies even if you never had a Massachusetts license and/or never lived in Massachusetts. A loss of driving privileges in the that in which you are driving always overrides an out of state license.

Whenever your license or right to operate motor vehicles has been suspended or revoked, you must immediately cease to operate all motor vehicles until the Mass RMV has reinstated your license or right to drive. Whenever the Registry takes action against your license, you have the right to a hearing at the RMV Branches located in Brockton, Worcester, Springfield, Lawrence and at 630 Washington St., Boston, MA, 4th Floor. The Boston location is the only office where Chemical Test Refusal (CTR) suspension hearings are conducted, as the Boston location serves as the headquarters of the Driver Control Unit. You are legally entitled to be represented by a lawyer at any suspension / revocation hearing and legal representation is strongly recommended. In some cases, a lawyer can appear on your behalf so that you will not have to personally appear. You may also have the legal right to appeal your suspension or revocation to the Board of Appeal on Liability Policies and Bonds of the Division of Insurance. You have the right to be represented by a lawyer at any Board of Appeal hearing and having a lawyer handle your case is strongly recommended.

No appeal of any suspension or revocation will  prevent the suspension or revocation order from going into effect, so you must not operate a motor vehicle until your case is resolved and your license is reinstated.