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Hardship License Lawyer - The Boston Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prog.

The Boston ASAP (Alcohol & Substance Abuse Program) is centrally located at 30 Winter Street, 3rd Floor, in Boston, Massachusetts, about half a block from the Boston Common and the Red Line. The program has served countless Massachusetts and other DUI offenders in the past and it offers individual and group alcohol treatment services.

The program is licensed and regulated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Bureau of Substance Abuse Services and it offer prompt appointments assessments and admission and promises to deliver respectful and non-judgmental service. This is one of the § 24D Driver Alcohol Education Programs (DEAP) which the Registry of Motor Vehicles, Board of Appeal, and Massachusetts District Court probation officers accept for Massachusetts DUI First Offenders.

The 24D 1st offender program consists of a 90-minute intake interview, 16 weekly group sessions and attendance at two self-help sessions and one victim's forum.

The Boston ASAP Program is also certified to provide aftercare services to those 2nd offenders and subsequent OUI offenders who have successfully completed the 14 day DUIL Program in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. Upon successful completion of outpatient aftercare, the Boston ASAP Program provides its clients with the discharge summaries which the Mass. RMV and Board of Appeal require for hardship licensing.

This is the aftercare portion which follows the two-week in-patient rehabilitation consists of a 90-minute intake, 20 weekly sessions, two self-help meetings in each of those 20 weeks, and continued monitoring of the client's rehabilitation for the balance of his or her probation term.

Boston ASAP also provides a program for young people who were driving under the influence and whose blood alcohol content (BAC) was between .02 and .08. It includes many elements of the First Offender § 24D Program plus additional focus on issues unique to adolescence. The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles accepts this program as satisfaction of the Registry's Youth Alcohol Program (YAP) requirements set forth in G.L. c. 90 § 24P.

Persons with alcohol related traffic violations from outside of Massachusetts can usually fulfill the other State's requirements by completing an ASAP program.

In addition to providing alcohol programs required for hardship licensing, the program can evaluate employees who are referred or come voluntarily to determine the extent of their drug or alcohol related problems and recommend steps to address such problems. ASAP can provide substance abuse or alcohol treatment for employees of local businesses or can monitor the effectiveness of other efforts to deal with the problem, such as participation with self-help groups.

Matthew Hoffman is the Clinical Director for the Boston ASAP program. He is a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor and he holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health. You can reach the ASAP program at 617-482-5292.