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Massachusetts Hardship LicenseAs a first step to getting a Massachusetts Hardship License, you should contact my office for a free review of your situation. A hardship license lawyer will review your driving record, criminal record, and any other relevant documents to determine whether you qualify for hardship relief, either from the Mass. RMV or the Division of Insurance Board of Appeal. Sometimes, while reviewing cases for hardship licenses, we find that the suspension was illegally imposed. In those cases, a lawyer may be able to get you a full license reinstatement.

If you qualify for consideration for a hardship, work, or Cinderella license, a hardship license lawyer will explain the representation process and the legal services which we provide. You will complete a detailed on-line client questionnaire and be required to provide certain documents based on the length and type of your license suspension or revocation.

Massachusetts Hardship License Attorney Brian E. Simoneau has prepared and presented countless hardship license appeals at the Registry and Board of Appeal. These presentations include a written legal memorandum which explains why the client should be granted a license. This comprehensive and compelling memorandum addresses his client’s background, family situation, need to drive, occupation, criminal history, driving record, risk of recidivism or relapse, and the extreme hardship which the client is experiencing due to the suspension or revocation of his or her driver’s license.

Attorney Simoneau handles all aspects of the hardship license hearing, so as to take some of the pressure and stress associated with getting a license off of the client. Knowing what questions the Registry and Board of Appeal are likely to ask, hardship license lawyers such as Attorney Simoneau addresses these questions verbally, in the Board of Appeal Hearing Memorandum, and with documentation provided by third parties.

If you are suffering with a Massachusetts license suspension or revocation, contact Hardship License Attorney Brian E. Simoneau, by filling out the contact form on this site, for a no-obligation review of your case. You may be able to get your right to drive restored.