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Illinois Driving Relief

Partial restoration of driving privileges, which allows a person to drive in certain areas and at certain times for employment, for recommended alcohol or drug remedial/rehabilitative activity, or to transport themselves, a family member or a child, elderly or disabled person living in his/her household for medical; daycare, or educational purposes when no other form of transportation is available. The driver must prove a hardship exists and submit proof of employment; support/recovery group meetings; need for medical care; elder, disabled person, or daycare verification; or an educational verification form and class schedule.

A person under statutory summary suspension for a second or third DUI within five years of the previous one is not eligible for relief. If convicted and imprisoned for reckless homicide or aggravated DUI that was a proximate cause of a death, no relief may be given until 24 months after release from imprisonment. If convicted of DUI a second or third time, no relief is allowed for one year from the effective date of the last revocation. Drivers under age 21 convicted for DUI are not eligible for an RDP until one year from the effective date of revocation