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Immediate Threat Suspensions - No Hardship License

immediate_threat_indefinite_suspensionThe Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles imposes indefinite immediate threat and immediate threat medical suspensions when dangerous driving behavior or, in some medical cases, the potential for dangerous driving behavior is brought to the Registry’s attention. These indefinite suspensions are not intended to punish drivers. Instead, they are imposed to keep dangerous drivers off the road to insure public safety. Since Massachusetts immediate threat suspensions are not punitive in nature, it is impossible to get a 12 hour license to override these suspensions. The logic for not allowing hardship licenses in immediate threat cases is that an allegedly dangerous driver should not be allowed on the road at all, not even for 12 hours a day.

The Massachusetts Immediate threat law gives the Registrar discretion to immediately suspend or revoke the license of anyone who the Registrar has reason to believe presents an immediate threat to public safety or is mentally or medically not capable of safely operating a motor vehicle. 

Immediate threat revocations are indefinite in length and the Registry can impose license reinstatement requirements which can include serving suspension time, passing remedial driver training classes, and passing a competency road test.

In immediate threat medical cases, the Registry can require the completion of medical clearance forms, psychiatric clearance forms, vision screening, and the submission of a loss of consciousness evaluation report. No hardship licenses are granted for immedaite threat suspensions of any kind. 

Where criminal charges such as operating to endanger, leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving, or DUI result from an incident where an immediate threat suspension is filed, the Registry will not consider reinstatement unless and until the criminal cases are resolved. 

If you need help clearing an indefinite immediate threat suspension, contact me for a free consultation. I have cleared numerous complaint immediate threat suspensions at both the RMV and Board of Appeal.