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Kentucky Hardship Licenses

Kentucky Revised Statutes Title XVI, Chapter 189A governs the issuance of hardship licenses. It allows Kentucky DMV to grant hardship driving privileges, after the expiration of the minimum suspension term, upon the satisfaction of a long list of requirements such as proof of insurance and written sworn statements regarding the applicant’s need to drive for medical, school, work, counseling, or alcohol treatment purposes. The statements must explain why driving is required and contain detailed information.

There is no hardship license available in Kentucky for suspensions resulting from a person’s refusal to submit to a chemical breath test.

In accordance with 601Ky. Admin. Regs. 12:060, the State of Kentucky issues hardship licenses only for DUI suspensions and only pursuant to a court order from the District Court having jurisdiction over the drunk driving offense. Kentucky hardship licenses are not issued to those who are suspended or revoked in the National Driver Register. This means that you cannot get a Kentucky hardship license if your right to drive was suspended or revoked by another state’s Motor Vehicle Department.

Download a Kentucky Hardship License Affidavit.

It may be possible to reduce the length of a Kentucky DUI suspension by using an ignition interlock device. No hardship licenses are available for a 4th or subsequent offense DUI committed within 5 years.