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Maine Habitual Traffic Offender

The Maine Habitual Traffic Offender Law imposes lifetime license revocations with those who have convictions for 3 serious traffic offenses within 5 years. Examples of serious traffic offenses include reckless driving, DUI, or vehicular homicide. 29-A MRSA § 2556 allows Maine Habitual Traffic Offenders to be considered for a work-restricted hardship license after serving 18 months of the lifetime revocation. However, restricted licenses are not available to those convicted of driving on a license which was revoked under the HTO law, vehicular homicide, or being convicted of a major offense within 5 years of license restoration.

Where a DUI conviction comprises the Habitual Traffic Offender revocation, no work license can be issued until the offender serves the DUI license suspension and completes an approved drug or alcohol treatment program.