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Mass. NSC Classes

If your license has been suspended or revoked for 3 Surchargeable Events, 7 Surchargeable Events, being a Habitual Traffic Offender, or for certain Junior Operator violations, you are required to attend and pass the National Safety Council’s Driver Retraining Program. Both the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles and the RMV Board of Appeal will require you to complete any required remedial driving course(s) prior to issuing you a 12 hour hardship license or a full unrestricted license. You can register on-line for the National Safety Council’s Driver Retraining Program.

The NSC website is available 24/7, accepts all major credit cards, and you will immediately receive a confirmation for your driving class. Most people have to attend remedial driving classes in-person. However, the Mass. RMV requires some people to complete and pass an on-line remedial driving program. To complete an on-line NSC course, you must call National Safety Council by phone at (800) 215-1581 to register and receive your on-line access code. One you have registered, you can take the class using an internet-connected computer.

If, based on your RMV record, you have multiple driver training requirements, you must complete multiple courses. If your license has not already been suspended, to avoid a suspension for failure to complete classes, you must complete all of the required Driver Retraining Program(s) at least seven (7) days prior to the commencement of your license suspension. If you are caught driving on a suspended license, you may face additional fines, suspensions, imprisonment or both. If your driver’s license suspension has already commenced, you must complete all required NSC Driver Retraining Program(s) in order to have your license and driving privileges reinstated, whether on an unrestricted basis or on a restricted hardship basis. The cost associated with each required National Safety Council course is $125.00. Please have your driver’s license number, email address and credit card available when you register for your class.

The NSC driver re-training courses are different from other courses which are required for DUI hardship licenses. Those with a first offense DUI must take the Massachusetts 24D Alcohol Education Program. Those with 2 DUI convictions must take the DUIL 14 day in-patient program, and those with 3 DUI convictions must take a ninety (90) day residential alcohol treatment program.