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Ignition Interlock Devices

Melanie’s Law requires the Registry to impose a mandatory “Z” Ignition Interlock Device restriction on any DUI Hardship License issued to a person who has 2 or more drunk driving or operating under the influence convictions on his or her record. Because Melanie’s Law contains a lifetime look-back provision, it does not matter when or where the previous DUI convictions occurred. There is absolutely no way around this mandatory hardship license restriction. 

Also, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will require repeat DUI offenders to use the ignition interlock device for 2 years after getting the hardship restriction removed. For Massachusetts residents, there are no exceptions to this mandatory requirement that a repeat drunk driver serve 2 years with the interlock device after removal of the 12 hour driving restriction.
Furthermore, Senator Robert Hedlund (R) of Weymouth, Massachusetts, is proposing that the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles require those convicted of even a first offense DUI to use a certified ignition interlock device for at least 180 days. This requirement is likely to be signed into law within the next year or two.
The ignition interlock device is a “lockout” device which is wired to your motor vehicle. You must blow into a handset, which checks your breath alcohol level, prior to allowing your vehicle to start. The ignition interlock device will not allow your automobile to start if your breath alcohol reading is at or above .02, which is a very low level. The IID will also require you provide breath samples periodically, at random intervals, while the engine is running.
It costs approximately $125.00 to have the IID installed and $85.00 per month for required monitoring, calibration, and downloading. Ignition Interlock Violations routinely trigger 10 year or lifetime license revocations. You cannot have an IID installed in a CDL vehicle or motorcycle and the Registry requires that IIDs are installed in every vehicle which the repeat DUI offender owns, drives, or leases.
If you have been accused of an ignition interlock violation, contact me for a free confidential consultation. Penalties for IID violations in Massachusetts are among the harshest in the country.