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Massachusetts License Fraud Cases

The Massachusetts Registry's Special Investigations Unit suspends licenses when it discovers license fraud. If the Massachusetts State Police Compliance Unit or the Registry of Motor Vehicles Enforcement Services Division determines that a person made false statements to obtain a Mass. driver's license or Registry Identification Card, the RMV will automatically suspend all licenses involved in the transaction and schedule a hearing before the Special Investigations Unit.

Providing false information to obtain a driver's license or Massachusetts ID Card is a felony, as is fraudulently procuring a license or ID card. This is a very serious matter and it can result in criminal prosecution. The Massachusetts False License Law provides for a sentence of up to 5 years in State Prison.

There is absolutely no way to clear a Massachusetts License Fraud suspension without appearing before the Registry's Special Investigations Unit. At that hearing, you must explain the license fraud to the hearing officer,'s satisfaction and prove your true identity.

If the Registry suspends or revokes your driver's license or right to operate, the Registry will not grant you work license or any hardship relief. The Registry does not hear hardship appeals for fraudulent license suspensions.

Fortunately, however, the RMV Board of Appeal does entertain suspension appeals for license fraud suspensions. I have been very successful in obtaining 12 hour work licenses and full license reinstatements in these cases. If I agree to take you on as a client, chances are very good that you will be getting relief from the Board of Appeal and your "Comp. Fraud Lic/Id" suspension will be either reduced to "time served," or you will be granted a full license.

Whether you get early relief or not, you will be required to take a full written examination, obtain a learner's permit, and schedule a road test. You will have to pay a $500.00 reinstatement fee and a $100.00 new license and road test fee. Whenever you get your license back, in the form of a full license or a Cinderella license, you will have to present all required documentation to the Registry, as if you never had a license before.