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NDR Indefinite Suspensions

In accordance with G.L. c. 90 § 22(c), whenever a Massachusetts driver has his or her right to operate suspended or revoked in any other state or jurisdiction, the Mass. Registry of Motor Vehicles will automatically and indefinitely revoke the person’s Massachusetts Driver’s License. This revocation will remain in effect, at minimum, until the suspension or revocation is cleared in the other state.

For example, if the holder of a Massachusetts driver’s license gets arrested for DUI in New Hampshire, the New Hampshire DMV will suspend that person’s right to drive in New Hampshire and, using the National Driver Register (NDR), the NH DMV will notify the Mass. RMV of the suspension. The Registry will send a letter to the Massachusetts resident giving him 30 days to provide proof that the NH suspension has been cleared and his right to operate in NH has been restored. If a clearance letter is not provided, the Mass. RMV will indefinitely revoke the person’s Massachusetts license.

In most cases, it is not possible to get a Massachusetts hardship license when your right to drive is suspended in another state. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. For example, if the other state grants a hardship, conditional, restricted, or work license, you may be able to get a Massachusetts hardship license.

Whenever a Massachusetts resident or license holder commits a DUI or any other motor vehicle offense in any other state, the Registry will require a certified copy of the driving record from the other state and/or a certified copy of the court docket showing the offense date, charge, incident location, conviction date, and disposition. Once the Registry receives this information, it will clear the NDR indefinite revocation and impose another suspension for having been convicted of drunk driving or any other offense such as reckless driving, DWAI, or leaving the scene of an accident. This suspension is based on the law which requires the RMV to treat out-of-state violations as if they occurred here in Massachusetts.

If you are facing an indefinite National Driver Register out of state suspension, please contact me for a free review of your situation. I can advise you how to minimize the consequences associated with an out of state incident.