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Oregon Hardship & Probationary Permits

In accordance with O.R.S. § 807.240, the Oregon Department of Transportation issues hardship and probationary driving permits in certain cases. Probationary driving permits allow someone whose license is suspended to drive for employment purposes, including to look for work, and to attend drug or alcohol treatment programs. Oregon Hardship Permits allow driving for the above-listed reasons and to drive for medical treatment and appointment which are necessary on a regular or reoccurring basis.

There is another class of limited license available in Oregon for those charged with being in an accident without insurance or being a minor in possession of alcohol. In these cases, the Oregon DOT may issue you a hardship license for running errands, getting medical treatment, and going to the grocery store.

The Oregon DOT issues hardship permits which list where the driver is allowed to drive and during what hours, routes, and particular days. If you’re caught driving in violation of hardship restrictions, you can be arrested for operating after suspension or revocation.

The Oregon DOT will not grant any type of hardship, limited, or probationary license or driving permit if your right to drive is revoked for a traffic-related criminal offense or for violating hardship restrictions. Also, the Department of Motor Vehicles may impose a waiting period whereby you cannot be considered for a restricted or hardship permit for one year.  O.R.S. § 807.252 specifies the limitations and restrictions on the issuance of hardship permits.

Oregon hardship or probationary permits are not available to Massachusetts residents, or residents of any other state but Oregon. SR-22 insurance (financial responsibility) is required and certain drivers may need to have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicles. Driver re-training classes, a licensing exam, and medical examination may be required.

Oregon DMV Branches and field offices do not handle or process hardship applications. They are processed only at the Oregon DMV headquarters in Salem, OR.

Download an Oregon Probationary / Hardship Permit Application.  (PDF)