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Hardship Licenses Out Of State

hardship licensingFortunately for Massachusetts residents who have been arrested for operating under the influence in other states, some states allow for the issuance of limited hardship licenses which are colloquially referred to as work, Cinderella, “bread and butter,” “occupational, “conditional,” or “7 to 7” licenses. These are issued during the term of an active suspension, so that the driver can operate on a limited basis.

Sometimes these licenses are issued by the courts and other times they are issued by State Motor Vehicle Departments. In some states, such as Massachusetts, hardship licenses are restricted by hours. They allow a person to drive anywhere during an established 12 hour period. In other states, drivers are restricted as to where they can drive. In these states, drivers are only allowed drive to and from work, school, or medical appointments.  Some states also allow driving to perform necessary errands such as banking and shopping.

Hardship license application procedures vary from state to state and, if you need a hardship license, the best way to proceed is to hire a lawyer who is intimately familiar with DUI laws and hardship licensing in your state. In Massachusetts, Hardship License Attorney Brian E. Simoneau is a recognized expert regarding hardship licensing and suspension appeals. He routinely practices before the Registry of Motor Vehicles, Division of Insurance Board of Appeal, and in courts throughout Massachusetts including Superior Courts and the Mass. Supreme Judicial Court.

Unfortunately, some states do not issue hardship licenses. States which provide no hardship relief include: New Hampshire, Vermont, and Rhode Island.