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Washington D.C. Limited Occupational Licenses

The District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles issues Limited Occupational Licenses (LOL) which allows drivers who have had their licenses suspended to maintain your livelihoods. Acceptable proof of employment is required and request to drive which exceed 40 hours will be denied. District of Columbia licensure and residency are required for the issuance of a Limited Occupational License.

The DC DMV will not is issue a limited occupational commercial driver’s license or any license where the applicant’s license has been suspended or revoked pursuant to Title 18 DCMR Section 302, which governs mandatory revocations.

In order to get a limited license, the candidate must convince the DC DMV that the suspension creates an extreme hardship for which there is no reasonable alternative. Upon such a showing the DMV examiner will decide whether or not granting the license will impair public safety. This determination is made only upon the written submission, as hearings are not conducted.

The DMV defines “extreme hardship” as a situation where the revocation of the person’s license has prevented him or her from working or operating a business and driving is necessary for the support of the candidate or his or her family.