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Washington Hardship Licenses

Under the Washington occupational driver's license law, Rev. Code Wash. S 46.20.391(1) & (2), limited licenses are available for those who must drive to get to and from work or school. Unlike the hardship license laws in most states, the Washington statute allows for the issuance of an occupational driver's license in administrative suspension cases. This means that you can get hardship relief even when your license is suspended for failing to appear, failing to pay a citation, or other financial responsibility issues. Where there are no other alternatives, Washington also issues restricted licenses for apprenticeships, occupational training programs, drug and alcohol treatment programs, and group counseling sessions, and AA meeting attendance.

Hardship licenses in Washington are known as Occupational / Restricted Drivers Licenses (ORLs). They allow holders to drive to work or school. Unlike Massachusetts hardship licenses, Washington ORLs are not available for certain suspension such as being a minor in possession of alcohol, being a habitual traffic offender, or for license fraud revocations. If you need an Occupational / Restricted Drivers License, you should contact the Washington State Department of Licensing